• Zonnic2

    Hey havnt posted a blog since the first one so i thought i would do one now,

    1. The wiki is looking great and the articles are building nicely its going to take a while before everthing is ready and improvements will be made once it is fully finished

    2. we are finaly getting closer to Firewind 6th studio album Days of Defiance! after a year long wait of now concerts no information and no new songs Firewind is proud to annouce a new album.

    3. i get alot of questions about this will Firewind continue? YES! so stop bothering me. no just kidding i understand that there is a lot of confusion about this subject with Gus joining Ozzy, Bob joining Revolution Renaissance, Outloud and his solo work and Apollo joining Spirutal Beggers. So YES Firewind w…

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  • Zonnic2

    Tales of the Greek Road Warriors is the official Firewind wiki blog all big happenings like tours, album releases and video releases will be announced here.

    About the new Firewind album, i get a lot of questions about that so i will explane it all here.

    i do NOT know the name of the album or the name of any of the songs.

    i've heard rumors about the name and 2 songs that have high chance to be on the new album.

    the name: the most likely names are: Martyrs of the Revolution, and The Hellfire Burns Again, None of these names are comfirmed but they are on a new T-shirt in the official firewind merch store.

    Songs on the new album, there are 2 songs that Firewind had in there setlist during there tour with stratovarius called: Losing Faith and Days …

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