Rjukanhuset 2004 is a live bootleg DVD from the Burning the Earth tour. It was recorded at Park Hotel in Rjukan, Norway on December 26, 2004.

It was recorded by Ingo and authored into the PAL format. It features a simple menu in Norwegian with a colorful background, and it has chapters every 6 minutes and 38 seconds. 

The recording is relatively stationary with few zooms, and the entire band is in view at most times. It is shot from slightly above the band's eye-level.

It is the earliest known video recording of Firewind that is available to the public. 


  1. Steal Them Blind 
  2. Kill to Live 
  3. Warrior 
  4. Burning Earth 
  5. Tomorrow Can Wait 
  6. Escape From Tomorrow 
  7. Hate World Hero 
  8. Land of Eternity 
  9. I Confide 
  10. Guitar & Keyboard solos 
  11. The Fire and the Fury 
  12. Between Heaven and Hell 
  13. Waiting Still 
  14. Tyranny 
  15. Destination Forever 
  16. Brother's Keeper 
  17. I Am The Anger 


Firewind - 2004-12-26 - Park Hotel, Rjukan, Norway (FULL VIDEO CONCERT LIVE)01:19:30

Firewind - 2004-12-26 - Park Hotel, Rjukan, Norway (FULL VIDEO CONCERT LIVE)

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