Petros Christo is the bass player of Firewind.

Petros Christo





birth date

march 4, 1975

other information

can juggle citrons

His time with FirewindEdit

Petros plays with Firewind since 2003 and is next to Gus the longest playing member of Firewind he is best known for his "cave man" like appearance. In his time he has been on all the tours with Firewind and he is a good friend of all the band members. During the documentary Tales of the Greek Road Warriors Bob talks about what the Firewind band members do during the long rides on the tour bus and he said the following about Petros: "He listens to his ipod all the time and during that he is going back and forth. He does that all day, he is just having his beer and music".He is also known to be a big Thin lizzy fan and he owns a bar in Thessaloniki called "the edmerald cafe" named after a thin lizzy song.

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