2009-05-19 - Manchester, UKAlbumsAllegiance
Allegiance (album)Angels Forgive MeApollo Papathanasio
Band MembersBeneath the Eclipsed MoonBetween Heavan and Hell(song)
Between Heaven and Hell (album)Beware the BeastBob Katsionis
Brandon PenderBreaking the SilenceBreaking the Silence (single)
Brother's KeeperBurning EarthBurning Earth (album)
Burning Earth line-upCircle of LifeCompetitions
Compilation bootlegsDavid T. Chastain and Gus G interview each other! 10/12/04Days of Defiance
DeliveranceDemon NightsDennis Ekdahl
Destination ForeverDestination Forever(Demo)Discography
DownDublin uk/ir 2009Embrace the Sun
Falling to PiecesFalling to Pieces (single)Firewind
Firewind WikiFirewind discographyFirewind live @ Jaxx Springfield 2008
Full Song ListGUS-200Glasgow uk/ir 2009
Guitar Solo(Live Premontion)Guitar Solo (The Godfather Theme song)Gus G
Gus G-Metal Gods tv interview @ Download 2008Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 05.30.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 06.20.2002
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 10.04.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 3.15.03Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 4.4.03
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 7.1.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 7.10.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 7.11.2002
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 7.2.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 7.21.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 7.22.2002
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 7.8.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 8.1.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 8.12.2002
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 8.19.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 8.20.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.10.2002
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.11.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.12.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.13.2002
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.15.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.16.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.18.2002
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.23.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.26.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.29.2002
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.7.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.8.2002Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 9.9.2002
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview for "Burning Earth" 1/4/04Gus G of FIREWIND Interview for "Burning Earth" 10/21/03Gus G of FIREWIND Interview for "Burning Earth" 10/26/03
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview for "Burning Earth" 10/28/03Gus G of FIREWIND Interview for "Burning Earth" 11/25/03Gus G of FIREWIND Interview for "Burning Earth" 11/27/03
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview for "Burning Earth" 2/15/04Gus G of FIREWIND Interview for "Burning Earth" 2/17/04Gus G of FIREWIND Interview for "Burning Earth" 3/5/04
Gus G of FIREWIND Interview for "Burning Earth" 4/9/04Gus G of FIREWIND Interview for "Burning Earth" 6/9/04Hate World Hero
Head Up HighHenning BasseI Am the Anger
Immortal Lives YoungInsanityInterviews
Into the FireIntroKill to Live
Kostas ExarhakisLTD Revolver ECLife Foreclosed
Live PremonitionLive at Ninkasi Kao in Lyon, France - February 22, 2007Live bootlegs
Live in JapanLondon uk/ir 2009Losing Faith
Lost DreamLove Of My LifeMAD Unplugged
Manchester uk/ir 2009ManiacMark Cross
Mercenary ManMercenary Man (single)Merch
Michael EhréMulti MediaMy Loneliness
Nocturnal Symphony(song)Nocturnal Symphony (album)Nottingham uk/ir 2009
Osaka Burning the EarthOverkill Master Piece Schredding in the NightPast Gigs section
Petros ChristoPhiladelphia PA Arch Enemy tourPictured Life
Pratteln Rule the World tourProducer David T. Chastain and Gus G of FIREWIND Interview 04.30.2002Promised Land
RememberedRide to the Rainbow’s EndRjukanhuset 2004
Steal them BlindStephen FredrickStill the Winds
Teenage IdolThe EssenceThe Fire and the Fury
The Forgotten MemoryThe Longest DayThe Premonition
The Silent CodeThessaloniki Live PremonitionTill the End of Time
Tokyo Burning the Earth 1Tokyo Burning the Earth 2Tomorrow Can Wait
Toni KocmutTour scheduleTyranny
Uk/ir 2009 tourWaiting StilWarrior
Where do we go from here?Wild RoseWolverhampton uk/ir 2009
World of ConflictWorld on FireWorld on Fire (single)
You Have Survived
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